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kick-start! [May. 3rd, 2007|01:21 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

[mood |determined]

right, this has got silly - let's finish this game soon!

what is everyone doing on monday (7 may - bank holiday)...either during the afternoon or the evening??

please respond as soon as possible - i want to get this going again!! (this means i need outstanding player contributions from last session, if you can remember that far back)

**mental note for the future** even for short games, pick a set day & don't let it drift...
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for those of you who may have been expecting to play amber tomorrow... [Mar. 9th, 2007|11:40 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

[mood |tiredtired]

...we won't be


i haven't prepared, or even confirmed with everyone, so i will rearrange it for (hopefully) some time next week
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next session [Mar. 3rd, 2007|12:11 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

[mood |chipperchipper]

apologies for the extended gap in services - i have been in foreign parts (down south)
but i have returned...& i think it's high time we has session 3!

how do people feel about thursday next week? (8th march) 
**edit** scratch that...let's try this question instead - what evenings are people free in the next week?

i would also like any outstanding player contributions please, before the session if possible :-)

see you soon!
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Amber debate on another site. [Feb. 26th, 2007|10:40 am]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

Some people are chatting about Amber here.

The idea of building characters and worlds so they all sort of fit together as players rather than the players coming up with stuff seperately and then the GM trying to tie a backstory together, is interesting.

I particularly like the idea of taking a vague world concept, like a world recovering from a war between two different factions, and then having people build their characters in radically different versions of the world, but with clear ties between them, like the war, maybe bits of the government, myth and history being tied together.

Which is sort of a way of saying that I'm still thinking about Amber. May the GM come home soon...
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Log, arboreal [Feb. 6th, 2007|05:34 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

Very quick recap, then a more extended discussion, then a bit of a manifesto.

Anju and Niku conduct an assassination and fight off a warrior female on behalf of Lady Rosamond of House Hendrake. On the way going home they are summoned into the Harpy fight, see below:

The rest of the party make their passage to Amber, in search of a quiet place to prepare to attack Lord I’m-a-ponce on his white charge. Cormac is doing this because he’s been slighted by his Uncle. Kaelth is doing this because Cormac is paying him. Fae is following Kaelth because it freaks Ed out. Vishan is following us because it means an act of war on Amber. I think.

After prepping some spells we’re attacked by an infinite number of Harpies, eventually overwhelmed and wake up in a crystal dungeon somewhere in Chaos but cut off from the rest of the Shadows. Cormac blows the walls up, and as Anju pulls us to the House of Hendrake with her Logrus mastery. On the way out we see the three snake demons that are maintaining the dungeon. At the gate to the House of Hendrake Yari, Cormac and Kaelth head off to a bar, whilst Fae and Anju collect payment from Lord Damon of Hendrake for a severed head.

Did I miss anything? Other contributions welcome.

We discussed the system at length. Magic seems to have thrown people a lot, I have an edge here in that I don’t have any. In particular, conjuration seems obsolete if one has Logrus, sorcery seems to take too long for fire and forget magic, and power words seem to be really limited if you go with the examples, and really powerful if it’s just a word that you can use whenever. I guess the issue here is relevance, and I think that’s a really hard thing for the group to adjust. So much so I’m not going to go into it here.

We had two combats, a balanced one on one match of the sort that are touch and go, and the fight with the Harpies that was weird. What’s interesting in the fight with the harpies is that once you identify what the fight was for, that it was not about actually beating the harpies because we couldn’t, but an opportunity to portray our characters, that the significant actions show through. Basically Becki achieved a lot more in the fight by roleplaying her switch to Yari and the ensuing panic, because she got to reinforce her character aspects, than those of us (me) who were trying to win abstractly did.

See me link this to current developments in RPG theory, what we have here is a system designed for what Mo would call impassioned play. If there are rules-ey mechanics deciding whether we win or loose, we as players don’t know what they are. (As I said to Sarah, I couldn't even spot them. All we can do is act as our characters and see if we succeed or fail accordingly. Which means Sarah has to slap us with pain until we learn, no prisoners, no compromises, no being nice, because we need to hurt when we fail in order to get the payoff.

Now what I’ve come to realise about this game is that it’s a celebration of character and world. You can’t be good at a game where the mechanism for victory is obscured. Presumably an Amber geek could get off on just meeting the NPC’s, and being in the world, but I’m not feeling that. Getting off on Amber for me means getting off on being Fae.

Ready for mission statement? Fae is a really submissive character, she is a follower. She was meant to be receptive, to follow the plot but not drive the party. She was just a way for me to watch the game.

But that isn’t actually helping the game. In fact that’s hindering the game, because we’re sitting in bars getting drunk, and it really isn’t interesting to play fae sitting in bars drinking.

So here’s the manifesto. Fae is going to drive play. She is going to get an agenda and some interests and push the story.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2007|10:10 am]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

Kill Log:

Harpies. lots and lots of harpies.
They die far to easily for my likeing ... I was barely scratched in the fight.

The Egyptian/Daemon needs to learn how to use a sword when he is in human form ... next time I may not be there to keep him alive ... but frankly why do I care ... he dies, then my family can keep this bracer, and there is no more trouble.

The glass mage is becomeing irritateing ... she knows far to much and is frankly untrustworthy ... she may have to die ... I shall think on this ...

The wanderer ... hmmm ... the wanderer ... he is proveing useful ... however ... if he is linked to my brother Merlin, I will need to extract that information ... he certainly dosnt like me ... his death may also be on the cards ... that will need careful planning ...

Harpies ... if I ever get my hands on whoever knocked me out ... or those snakes that were watching when we fled ... their deaths will be drawn out and painful!

Question is ... what now?
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On the House of Hendrake [Feb. 5th, 2007|12:53 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

At the border of the House of Hendrake is a gate made from black glass. There are no walls to mark the edge of our territory, but failure to pass through the gates invites the border guard. The last guardsman was killed when the logrus broke at the height of the patternfall war but their spirits linger on. I am lead to believe that an intruder’s lungs are slowly filled with brackish water ridden with biting insects, that the ground beneath their feet bursts forth incandescent smoke, and the air rains down the animate bones of extinct birds of prey. This would seem typical for the House, the last sensible family member being heir Eleanor, and she was slain some decades ago by her bastard twin. The Hendrake’s will not be satisfied with a sniper rifle when they can summon immolating undead.

I mention the House of Hendrake because they are at a certain nexus of fate. Lady Rosamond is accused of violently robbing the House Algarth. Lady Rosamond is in turn accused of attacking Diplomat Kaelth of House Sawall who, it would appear, has robbed her corpse in return. At this time she has a contract on the Prince such that one of his own will rise up and slay him, and yet her agent is abducted before she can discharge the contract. Fae, her agent in the city of glass, is apprehended before she can deliver the orphans of the Tamasc war. Lord Damon now finds himself as inheritor of a house under mysterious siege.

And in the background, the figures of snake demons.

All of this is of little concern to the Gatekeeper. His body is fused with the gate, and his death will shatter the black glass, sealing the House in from attack. He sits, motionless, cross legged and bloated, a fetid, tusked mass opening and closing the passage to his master’s court.

Fae is very mean to him because I know he was fashioned by my sister using my own genetic material. It was a perverse game she played that she would craft life intended for the most menial of duties from the remnants of my corpse. He is a cousin, and as fierce at the core as I am.

And I mention my sister because it is in her library that Fae seeks to find the secrets that tie the House of Hendrake to the snake demons. And with that knowledge duly break their offensive. We wish her well, for she finds herself in curious company...
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Kill log [Feb. 2nd, 2007|04:11 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

The Contract:


The contract went down smoothly.
The target was escorted by four patheic lizardmen who were cut down with out much effort. The target herself was less easy, in her daemon form she moved much more swiftly and her magics were stronger. I was injured in the fight, but it was not bad. Needless to say she was brought down and her head brought as proof.

Contract forfilled.

I am as always, your servant,




Contract: Pfft ... lizardmen ... why do anyone even bother useing them as guards. They may as well have thrown themselves onto my weapon.
The magic user was harder though ... lightning spells hurt when taken to the chest ... she cant cast well though with a spear stuck through her lung.
Mental note for next time: dont use an invisable dagger as a throwing weapon ...

Secondary fight: Daemons ... lead by half of one of our current group members ... its always gratifieing to see the look on somethings face when they are stabed to death by an unarmed merchant ... the fight mas mostly annoying though ... the others getting in the way ... letting the final hound leave ... mistake probably ... but then I was just dressed a merchant ... the deaths will be linked to the others ... I am still safe ...
Mental not for next time: The wanderer is much more than he seems ...
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Yari's Diary [Feb. 2nd, 2007|12:11 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Final Fantasy VII Main Theme - Nobou Uematsu]

Hello. I know it's been delayed by quite a bit, but I've been a bit...um...distracted.
It isn't brilliant, and again it hasn't been proof-read, but I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday 17th January

I had the dreams again last night.
It's so strange, I dream of shadows with names and voices, speaking harshly in a language I don't understand. I see people I've never met, places I've never seen...and in my dreams I *know* them. There scenes of violence, blood, war. Steel against steel and the roar of a battlefield. These things I have never known.

My counscillor things they're symptoms of some kind of repressed memory, something so traumatic that I blocked it all out...but what trauma? I have spoke to my parents, my friends...they all believe I have lead an uneventful life.

Then there's the blackouts.
Sometimes I'll jusy find myself iles away from where I was, my muscles often sore and aching, with no memory of where I've been or what I've done...or how I got there.
When I mention those, my counscillor looks concerned and scribbles down notes, going 'hmm' thoughtfully. My doctor likewise looks concerned and scheduals more tests.

And still no one can tell me why.

Thursday 18th January

The Doctor's shedualed an appointment with the neurologist on monday. This will probably mean more tests.

Meanwhile, I've got an art history assignment to work on. I need to produce a piece in the style of a famous painter. Hn, usually they punish plagiarism, don't they? I probably shouldn't find that amusing, but I do.

Saturday 20th January

Well, I assume its saturday. Its truly hard to tell what day it is.
I'm in a bar. In Ireland.
Before that, I was on a road in someplace I've never seen before, being attacked by...things...creatures. I was saved by a bald man with a staff, another man with a very quick blade and some robed and cowled creature whom my mind shies away from identifying.

All this after one of my black outs. Now I have people trying to tell me I'm someone else. An afreet...a demon, in fact.

So here I am, in an Irish bar drinking stout and trying to accept that I may not be who I thought I was, and learning that magic may not just be in old legends and fairy stories.

And a voice, soft-spoken but dark and confident, whispers in the back of my mind:
Ouai esafli mpibai!

Is this what a nervous breakdown feels like?
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a final decision [Jan. 31st, 2007|05:27 pm]
Zelazny's Amber - Diceless Roleplay

ok - there is obviously no point moving the session from one day where one person can't make it to another day where someone else can't make it

session 2 will be going ahead as originally planned, this friday 7.30pm at our house

apologies to ed if this means you can't attend, but i don't want it just getting endlessly postponed

hope to see you all there!
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